ACS Mock Exam Modules

ACS Mock exams are a set of very well selected exam questions for specific modules of the ACS exams to help you prepare and practice for the main exams. The questions are structured in the same way as the real exam to give you a realistic feel. Scots gas Training has put together a comprehensive database of these exams in the following modules.

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This module looks at the GSUIRS 

Basic Principles

Basic Principles. This module gives an insight into the required applied maths knowledge need to be a gas operative.

Installation Pipework

What we can and cannot do with the gas pipe work we piut into peoples houses.

Pipe Sizing

To ensure the pipework we put in is the correct size for the appliances being supplied with gas.

System Testing and Purging

How we test each system to ensure it is safe for the property owners


Ventilation for gas appliances is one of the most important modules we learn.  So dig in and read.

Flues and Chimneys

How gas appliance products of combustion are routed away from us and in such do not constitute a danger.

Gas Controls

AS gas operatives we have a duty to know how gas appliances area control and how to fix them.

Gas Rates and Heat Input

How we know how much gas is being burned within a gas appliance.

Positive Pressured Appliances

In the past we used positive pressured appliances, now these appliances are nearly thirty years old and have their own set of problems.

Unsafe Situations

We have to recognise every fault in a gas appliance and be able to categorise the associated risk.

Combustion Gas Analysis

In this modern world we now monitor the emissions from gas appliances, and these reading s give us true indications as to the efficiency of the appliance.